When a hug is the answer

On this island we design experiences. Symbolic tools that from fun help you to believe and to trust that everything is possible if it comes within and a hug. The power of a hug.

Over the 4 months, since COVID started to grow we start to open more our arms and give what we do with the power of a hug.

“A hug change the fear in strength.”

We build a strategy to support, with our emotional contents and knowledge, families and companies through our message and a strategy. Donations of  Huggers and SuperHuggers. Our tools that help to recognize new superpowers, to healthcare personnel.  

With this idea, the buyers that for us are friends, start to come. They want to buy a Hugger to a friend, to his mom, her boyfriend… Letters that talk about be together, to be close despite the distance, to be strong beside the uncertainty. 

We tested with very good results our impact in people that buy our Huggers, we tested that our character and storytelling is a excuse to hug more, to love better, to create security, confidence and a tool to go inside through others being one. 

We break loneliness through a object that help to remember that we are together and to sleep better.  In times that we cannot hug, we create 12 more employes and through them, they create 6.000 beings to exist to hug, to invite to hug ourselves, and that love and be together is so much important as food and air to live. 

Now we are taking more strong to help others with our services in emotional intelligence through our methodology in mental health and emotional wellbeing to take care of our brain and heart.

Viviana Otalvaro, the creator of Hugger island.
29 de Julio de 2020


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